Let’s Not Forget This…

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by Chris

This is from a rather extensive PowerPoint presentation made to a division of the GCHQ, the Biritish version of the NSA.

It outlines, in table form, the sorts of modules that can be brought to bear to “influence” on-line discussions and comment areas.

Each box represents a deep line of inquiry and experimentation.  Some of the boxes requrie human operators, and some are now fulfilled by AI bots that have been trained to exploit human wiring to plant false ideas, cast doubt on undesirable truths, and conflate real events with planted hoaxes.

I shiver when I look at the sophistication involved.

At any rate, if you find yourself confounded by what appear to be devout morons on Twitter, or in the comment section of the NYTimes, it’s always helpful to remember you may be reading the ‘thoughts’ of an AI bot, a Monsanto PR firm employee, or a private in the AirForce at Elgin operating 50 accounts from a cubicle.


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