Liberal leftists have a problem that puts them on the wrong side of every issue every time. Evan Sayet explained the phenomena 10 years ago.

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It’s a mental issue stemming from leftists forbidding themselves from ever discriminating. This is one of the most interesting videos you will ever see on modern Liberalism. It’s been called the unified field theory of Liberalism. Enjoy:

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39 thoughts on “Liberal leftists have a problem that puts them on the wrong side of every issue every time. Evan Sayet explained the phenomena 10 years ago.

  1. Here is what Conservatives have stood for over the years:
    Conservatives killed Jesus
    Conservatives opposed The Magna Carta
    Conservatives opposed Galileo’s theories
    Conservatives opposed Da Vincis’s theories
    Conservatives perpetrated the Crusades
    Conservatives opposed Columbus’ ’round world’ theory
    Conservatives perpetrated the Inquisition
    Conservatives perpetrated the Salem Witch Trials
    Conservatives opposed the American Revolution
    Conservatives opposed freeing the slaves
    Conservatives opposed women’s suffrage
    Conservatives opposed minimum wage
    Conservatives opposed child labor laws
    Conservatives opposed 8-hour work day, weekends, sick leave… etc.
    Conservatives opposed humane treatment of animals
    Conservatives opposed the Social Security Act
    Conservatives oppose clean air and water
    Conservatives opposed the Civil Rights Act
    Conservatives opposed Medicare
    Conservatives opposed integrated schools
    Conservatives opposed interracial marriage
    Conservatives opposed worker safety
    Conservatives oppose equal pay for women
    Conservatives oppose Equal Protection Under the Law
    With a track record like that, why wouldn’t they stand proud?
    They have a perfect score– 0% correct.

    • and of course you have personal firsthand knowledge of what you speak, right?? you’re not just regurgitating something you read or heard or were told, right?? it’s not all just talking points and demonization, right??

      • I see your retort is based on attacking the messenger, while refusing to address the validity of the points. You are the one engaged in demonization. Prove my points wrong.

        • so you don’t actually have any firsthand knowledge, JUST YOUR OPINION of what you heard, read or saw.. how precisely is that an attack.. you had two options. prove your assertion or avoid answering.. you chose the latter BECAUSE YOU AIN’T GOT SHIT!
          oh, the onus is on you! I challenged you to prove your bs because you made the claims and couldn’t deliver! so your pathetic little attempt at putting the responsibility on me to disprove your bs isn’t going to work.. grow up!

          • asking you to provide your firsthand knowledge of your claims isn’t deflecting. .but you RUNNING AWAY from the question because YOU CAN’T ANSWER TRUTHFULLY, its HILARIOUS!

          • I presented cogent posits. You have yet to provide a remotely intelligent retort. Prove the fallacy of my claims, instead of you inane yammering.

          • again you’re stating your opinions, not facts.. no evidence that anything you say is fact! WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE!!!

          • The refrains of a madman incapable of intelligent banter. The problem with stupid people is they don’t understand they are stupid. Seek help. Try a local Kindergarten for starters.

          • hmm i’m the madman incapable of intelligent banter??
            banter? really? do you even know the definition? obviously NOT! go look up the word BANTER and you’ll discover that you are an intellectual wasteland bereft of any intelligent life! DON’T USE WORDS YOU DON’T KNOW THE DEFINITION OF.. it only serves to prove how truly stupid you are!
            You still can’t provide any evidence that support any of your lies though, can you!!!

          • Oh, I missed this yesterday.. you claimed you posted cogent POSITS!
            You’re hilarious!
            Define posit: to suggest (something, such as an idea or theory) SUGGEST, THEORY, IDEA.. WHICH MEANS IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD and you CAN’T PROVE SQUAT! YOU NEVER COULD AND YOU KNEW IT!

          • Continuing your rant, you have yet to provide a single retort for any of my posits (yes, posits, as you proved with the copy & paste definition). I find it amusing that you had to look the word up.

          • I don’t have to disprove your mental abberations, you have to prove they are not just OPINION but are factual.. and we both know, YOU CAN’T DO THAT, OR YOU WOULD HAVE ALREADY! because you are a FAILURE! and so are your opinions!

          • Blah, blah, blah, blah…that’s all you have in your cache? Maybe we can compare our doctoral theses and see who has a better command of the English language. ????????????????????

          • that’s all i need, you’ve proven nothing other than the ability to refuse to provide evidence proving your assertions. you do remember that, don’t you liar boy?

          • nice failure, your parents must be so proud.. they’ve raised a pathological lying psychopath that refuses to take responsibility for his own actions/lies and refuses to admit he’s a congenital liar! Hey, it could be genetic, and therefor not your fault.. that’s the basis for the entire democratic party!
            Wow you could be related to obama or clinton!

          • you can’t refute it so you go to your wheel house, stupidity! lmao! um where precisely did I lie? we can all see your lies! Oh that’s not fair is it?? you’re just a poor participation trophy failure!

          • The onus of proving YOUR ASSERTIONS aren’t mine, they’re yours.. ANYTHING ELSE, LIAR??
            Apparently you’eve NEVER heard of Occam’s razor. “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

          • The rules of debate demand that, after I present my claims, you counter. You have never taken the second step to engage in a debate. All you have done with what all the RWNJs & LWNJs do, i.e., talk trash. I will gladly engage in a debate, but I am still awaiting your initial rebuttal.

          • This isn’t a debate, you lied, i challenged you to prove your lies weren’t lies, you can’t so you PRETEND that i have to disprove your lies! your actions of that of a typical liar!

          • yes, yes, of course ‘In your opinion” I’m a moron, but you don’t possess the skill set, or mental faculties to prove your claims.. imagine my lack of shock, that you desperately avoid proving your post isn’t just your opinion.. fyi; your opinion only matters to your mommy!

          • and here you are yet again, avoiding answering the initial question.. because you can’t! you just made it up! you’ve extended an inordinate amount of effort to avoid proving your less than worthless opinion!
            You have no personal firsthand evidence to which you can attest to the veracity of.. you just regurgitate what you’ve been told, read, seen or heard.. ie hearsay!
            Go on, keep avoiding this fact!
            Oh and now I can’t spell? what, pray tell did I misspell? It does happen occasionally but since you’re obviously a proven liar, I can safely presume that this claim too, is just another lie, in a desperate attempt to redirect the conversation away from your lies!

          • Misspelled? How about the beginning of a sentence with a lower case letter, e.g., and here you are yet again. You have yet to contest a single of my points. Do so and I shall proceed with a debate.

          • i DO not have to contest that which you assert with no evidence.. did your parents have any children that lived?

          • It is so easy to get your ilk to launch into mindless rants, ignorant of the fact that is exactly what my intentions are. Thanks for providing the entertainment. You may now proceed with your rant…

          • oh now you’re trying to play it off like you knew what you were doing.. you’re a dumbass and now everyone knows it! including you!

          • well, you’ve substantiated my theory, you’re either 12 or have the mentality of a 12 yr old! way to go dumbass!

          • it’s cute when you pretend to be something your not,.. intelligent or honest! about that complete lack of evidence of your fairy tale.. and your other fraudulent accusations and mindless machinations! when do you actually prove anything you believe? oh yeah, never, because you can’t! participation trophy failure! thanks for playing, dumbass!

  2. wait, what?? It’s a mental issue stemming from leftists forbidding themselves from ever discriminating???

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