Liberal Star Calls for Military Coup – Idiot

by Mark Angelides

Chelsea Handler has just achieved heights of “Liberal Idiocy” that even the most ardent anti-Trump celebrity has failed to reach. She Tweeted on Friday that there should be a military coup carried out to remove the president from office. What is more amazing is that she seems completely unaware of the lunacy she’s calling for.
“To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief…the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history,” she wrote. So she wants the United States military to actively remove an elected President from Office and doesn’t seem to care about the consequences.
Of course, the likelihood of her seriously demanding a military coup is pretty low, but it does give us a unique insight into the hyperbole and rhetoric that is so often used by those on the “other side”. They accuse President Trump of “Dangerous rhetoric” and “inciting violence with his words”, but it is their Cadre that talks about “the new Hitler” and military coups.
This is in many ways similar to their war on narrative. When a policy is proposed or announced, instead of doing the sums and figuring out if said policy will be a Net benefit to society, they engage in anecdotal reporting to win the empathy voters. For example, the Welfare to Work scheme that Maine chose to not renew its waiver on. Over a few months, figures suggest that the number of claimants dropped by 80%…This is by every measure a success. But The Washington Post decided to go another direction:
Tim Keefe, an out-of-work and homeless Navy veteran, used his military training to catch, skin and eat squirrels, roasting the animals over an open fire outside the tent he pitched in frigid Augusta, Maine.
The new additions to Keefe’s diet resulted from a decision by state authorities to tighten work requirements for recipients of the social safety net — forcing the 49-year-old, who lost his job at a farm equipment factory because of an injury, off the food stamp rolls.
“I was eating what I could find, and borrowed from friends and strangers,” Keefe said in testimony to the Maine legislature. “There were many times … when I would go two or even three days without food. If one was inclined to lose a lot of weight, I could recommend this diet wholeheartedly.”
Retired veteran going hungry…Yep, it pulls the heartstrings, but this is in an article that sets out the requirement s to continue obtaining Food Stamps. The requirements are that the person has to engage in 24 hours per month voluntary work; that’s it!
The MSM use sob stories and anecdotal evidence to convince the masses that a policy is bad, but what of the people who the policy benefits? An 80% reduction in Food Stamp recipients!?!?! So they are either now working or were claiming fraudulently in the first place.
These people have no morals, they have no solutions, and they have no way to win if we all just use our minds.

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