Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

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by Chris Black

For most conservatives, the supposed pandemic was over a long time ago. Go to a majority conservative area and enter a bar. It will be like 2019.

Go to a majority liberal area and do the same. The bar might not even be open. If it is, there will be plexiglass dividers, masked bartenders, and masked patrons sitting alone.

You have to ask why political affiliation causes massive behavioral differences. 

Liberalism can only be classified as a mental disorder. 

Try asking a liberal how a healthy person not wearing a mask can be a danger to anyone. They will go off on you, yelling that non-compliance is dangerous because by not wearing a mask you will infect people who are complying. Even if you explain the insanity of that statement, they will double down.

In May of 2020 the Lake County sheriff in Ohio said he would not enforce any of the Four Eyed Satan’s mandates. When asked why, he said that mandates are not laws and the act of enforcing them is unconstitutional. If you went to a bar in Lake county, they were open with nobody wearing masks. 

Guess what? The people didn’t die off. 

There was a restaurant in NE Ohio that decided to have a dozen food trucks show up. Everyone brought lawn chairs and sat outside. Karens showed up called the cops on them. The Sheriff showed up and didn’t do anything. He said, “I see people eating outside. There is nothing that says they can’t do that.”

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The Karen who was there went ballistic screaming, “They are sitting next to each other at a restaurant, not wearing masks. They aren’t from the same household. This isn’t a picnic, this is a superspreader event. Shut it down. Shut it down now.”

The sheriff said, “I don’t see any laws being broken. If you don’t like it, just leave. You don’t have to be here. If you stay and continue to make a scene, I’ll arrest you for disturbing the peace.”

The Karens will never let go of their power. Look at what is going on again in Nashua, NH.



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