The Satanic Elites That Rule Us Are Big on Numerology

by Chris Black

They dropped Omicron on the 666th day after the Covid Pandemic was declared. 

The scare dial blew passed 11 and millions upon millions of people rushed to get tested. This was also right before Christmas and the labs were closed for days. This created a massive backlog of tests that needed to be processed. 

The million cases per day is a complete myth. There were only that many reported because in some cases almost two weeks of backlogged tests were reported in a single day.

Because every Karen kept taking four or five tests a day, the labs had no chance to catch up. The massive backlog is clearing up now, so the numbers are going to take a massive fall. 

Covid is a disease created in a PCR test lab. Thanks to the change to detect Omicron, only needing two markers instead of three, the vast majority are positive. 

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However, Joe gets to keep lying about it and the media keeps reporting misinformation as truth.

What happens now?

Supply chain problems don’t show up immediately. What happened in the fall was actually the result from the first Covid shutdowns. The things that went on in the fall are going to cause immense pain starting in Q3 2022. 

Product lines are set up to three years in advance and plans are made based on normal trade and shipping scenarios. Not having any idea when your product is going to show up, means you can’t plan seasonal business. 

Some stores are just now getting merchandise that was supposed to show up in June of last year. There is also millions of dollars worth of Christmas decorations and lights sitting in LA that never got to stores. That stuff isn’t going to get delivered and must be stored for next year. That costs a lot of money and it also means that companies aren’t going to make those orders this year.

Biden has assured a complete and total economic collapse.


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