“Everything authoritarian is Nazism! Just vote your way out of tyranny!”

Sharing is Caring!

by Chris Black

As exhausting as this tripe is, this is the take of the average normie. Ahistorical. Unwavering trust in a broken system. Neverending hope in a leader to rise up and save them.

There is no waking up normies. At least not in the way most assume, that giving them unassailable truth will suddenly red pill them into reality. Most people have static personalities, are unable to adapt to new information, and will cling to comfort like a baby to a blanket.

Normies generally follow power almost blindly. These are people who need to be told what to do. They go along to get along. They need leaders. And that’s normal. Humans crave the structure of hierarchy. When abstract, unnatural ideas such as “equality” are forced on a society, chaos is the inevitable result. People will always fall behind powerful leadership, especially in a time of crisis. This is the template the elites have been running with since the dawn of time.

Estimates vary, but at their peak during the American Revolution, the patriots were never more than 45% of the population and possibly no larger than one third. 15 to 20% of the population were crown loyalists and the rest were unaligned normies waiting to see which side won so they could fall behind them.

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My point here is that despite the mindless popularity of takes like this, keep pushing. We don’t need the soft majority to win. We need the fringes. We need a dedicated people committed to the strong cause of preserving ourselves in our nations and winning at all costs.

We drive the narrative. This is why the elites censor us. But we don’t need to wake up the masses. They will come to us as the system continues to crumble with no answers and the simple truth of our message stands strong.

Keep going. We will win.


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