Libertarian Ideology is a Joke

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by Chris Black

I would happily join a Communist revolution if it would rid the world of the Libertarian cancer, but the Communists’ ideal “utopia” would be functionally identical to that of the Libertarians:

>Open borders

>Unlimited immigration

>Anti-“racist” (anti-White)



>Pro-LGBT (big emphasis on the T)

>Pro-big tech censorship

>All drugs legalized

>All porn legalized

What’s the difference? 

Oh, one wants you to own private property but the other doesn’t? 

Well, the one that wants you to own property would defend to the death Blackrock’s “right” to buy up every house in America and transform the country into a “nation of renters.” 

See also  School Forces LGBT Indoctrination Onto 4-Year-Old, All Hell Breaks Loose... 'We Are Being Manipulated And Intimidated By A Divisive “Woke” Ideology That Is Creating A Culture Of Contempt And Disrespect.'

You don’t want to be a corporate serf who lives in a rented communal pod apartment and eats maggot paste? 

Well tough shit, buddy, that’s the “Free” Market in action.



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