Life Under Late-Stage Socialism

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Hospital shortages a death sentence for Venezuelan children.

Gilberto Altuve places his son Erick’s toys on a white cloth alongside cards from friends and the mask he used while waiting for a desperately needed bone marrow transplant that never came.

He died aged 11 on May 26 while waiting in a Venezuelan hospital, after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in February.

He was not the only child in May to lose his battle with the disease. So too did Giovanny Figuera, Robert Redondo and Yeiderberth Requena.


Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro blamed the unpaid Italian debt on a Portuguese bank blocking payments due to US sanctions aimed at trying to force him from power.

But Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido claims the initiative had already run into problems in 2016 due to “a lack of supplies and bureaucratic obstacles.”

US sanctions were only applied in 2017.

If you’re opposed to socialism, it’s because you don’t love children and other living things.


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