Limbaugh: Fueled by hatred and George Soros, Democrats are quietly winning elections
This is my concern. We saw something similar when Obama got elected. 1000+ state legislative seats and local seats go to Republicans.
To a degree it’s somewhat expected, but folks get complacent and that’s the issue.
State Legislative and Local races aren’t for the RNC to spend money. They need to do that for federal elections. The state parties and local divisions need to be out there raising money and knocking on doors. That was one of the big causes of losing 15 delegates in Virginia last November. People didn’t vote on our side and didn’t do the hard work.
When you throw in a communist billionaire into the mix, it’s going to cause major fundraising issues. He’s evil, but not stupid. He got caught flat footed in November 2016, but that’s why he’s pouring so much money into local and state races. Control every level of government in the US. He was much more focused at the federal level prior, but now he sees an opportunity to spread his tentacles into every level of our society and try to destroy it even faster!
We must be vigilant to fight off these people who want to destroy our country and way of life and that includes taking back our culture from these disgusting leftists that want no morals. We need to get back to our Judeo-Christian principles that founded our great Republic if we are to survive what is headed our way.
h/t Reagannite