Lindsey Graham now saying Ukraine corruption is Russian propaganda probably wont Investigate.

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People must be catching on to Graham’s wimpy kick-the-can routine of empty promises; and apparently he’s feeling the heat from his compulsive do-nothingness.

Today we get the outline of the DC Deep State defense strategy within a CBS interview of Senator Lindsey Graham. Within the interview Graham notes he talked to Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr about documents Rudy Giuliani has recovered from Ukraine outlining Biden corruption.

First, SSCI Chairman Richard Burr was a participant in the coup effort; and is an ongoing member of the cover-up; so why would anyone direct anything to Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner?…. Unless cover-up was the intent. Beyond sketchy.

Additionally, Senator Graham conveys that he has spoken to AG Barr who has cautioned Graham that Giuliani’s information could be Russian propaganda. How convenient.

He tells more lies than Obama.

But don’t worry, this piece of sh*t, will make sure FISA is fixed.




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