PatriotNurse gives Coronavirus Tips: Coronavirus to 100,000 by the weekend? Symptoms, Management, and Sanity

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Tips start at 7 min in

Hi Temp Dishwasher – bleach

No more shaking hands

Take shoes off at the door, drop your shoes and keys at the door




Saw on video from Singapore, there are a lot of Chinese there, they had some very sensible recommendations:

Social distancing right now is imperative.

If you are sick, wear a mask, avoid contact with others, see a doctor.

Businesses are asked to check employee temperatures twice a day.

Business were asked to cancel meetings and conferences, have employees work from home wherever possible.

School assemblies should be cancelled, no inter school activities like sports, debates, etc., no large classes, small classes only.

All hospitals need to check temperatures of everyone entering.

No handshakes, wash hands, don’t touch your face.




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