Liquid Helium proves zero point energy and aether

Unlike any other element, helium will remain liquid down to absolute zero at normal pressures. This is a direct effect of quantum mechanics: specifically, the zero point energy of the system is too high to allow freezing.
Helium discharge tube.jpg
Liquid helium retains kinetic energy and does not freeze regardless of temperature due to zero-point energy.
According to Quantum Field Theory the universe can be thought of not as isolated particles but continuous fluctuating fields…All these fields have zero-point energy. These fluctuating zero-point fields lead to a kind of reintroduction of an aether in physics.
Physicists Richard Feynman and John Wheeler calculated the zero-point radiation of the vacuum to be an order of magnitude greater than nuclear energy, with a single light bulb containing enough energy to boil all the world’s oceans.
So what’s modern science’s problem with fully accepting aether?