There is a car theft EPIDEMIC right now in Milwaukee that everyone is ignoring.

MILWAUKEE — Nearly 17 people every day for the past week had their cars stolen, according to new numbers from the Milwaukee Police Department. A tweet from the department reminded the public not to leave a car unattended with keys in it.
Bambi Birenbaum was one of those victims. Her vehicle was off and locked while she visited a friend’s home.
“I was actually standing at a friend’s doorstep, turned around, parked across the street, pointed and said ‘there goes my car,'” Birenbaum said.
She and her husband tracked the thieves by looking at their credit card transactions. She saw it was used at a nearby McDonald’s.
She visited the location and left her number with employees should they see the car or people return.
Birenbaum reported the incident to police and while at the station, received a call from someone at McDonald’s.
They told her that her car was in the drive thru at the restaurant. Birenbaum took off in a friend’s car and barricaded her stolen car in the drive thru.
“I jumped out the passenger seat, started screaming at the top of my lungs as loud as I could — ‘that’s my car. Give it back. I’m here to get my property,'” Birenbaum said.

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