Lithium Shortage not an issue?: Your car could soon run on THIN AIR: Scientists develop method to make hydrogen fuel from air.

Scientists have created new method to extract water from air to make hydrogen
Green hydrogen, produced using electricity and water, could help to power cars
Experts developed an electrolyser that harvests humid air instead of liquid water
Device absorbs moisture from the air and splits water into hydrogen and oxygen

It may sound far-fetched but driving a car powered by thin air may one day be possible after scientists developed a new way of making hydrogen fuel.

Green hydrogen, produced by electrolysers using electricity and water, represents a potential alternative to CO2-emitting fossil fuels.

However, current devices often require complex components such as rare metals, and access to pure water, which can lead to competition with limited supplies of drinking water.

Instead of liquid water, the new prototype electrolyser harvests humid air.

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It absorbs moisture out of the air and splits the collected water into hydrogen and oxygen.

This hydrogen fuel was then shown to successfully power a device.


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