Little Known Fact: We don’t Have Enough Lithium to sustain EV Policies Globally

by Chris Black

Unironically we would run out of lithium, long before hydro-carbon based fuels are depleted, and burning it all of electric cars is retarded.

I hate libtard environmentalists.

One person wants to kill off species of flowers to mine lithium to stop global warming.

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The other want protect said flower.

Every solution is always some insane faggotry that doesn’t work and they just want gibs.

Maybe we could try to take advantage of natural processes to protect nature instead of expecting science to somehow violate the law of thermodynamics and save us.

I’m sure if you actually got a bunch of actually smart people together you could come up other Geoengineering ideas that could both protect nature create new ecosystems and allow people to learn everything by building them from scratch.


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