LIVE UPDATES about Oroville Dam, not MSM!

Been following this guy Sean D, he lives near the Dam and has been posting live videos on Periscope about Oroville’s situation.
You can follow him here…
And here…
Oroville Reservoir Update 2/16/2017 (Blancolirio – Youtube)

Data Source


Elevation: 900′ · FEATHER R basin · Operator: CA Dept of Water Resources/O & M
Hourly Averages (Link)
Daily Averages (Link)
Flash Flood Watch In Effect
There remains a flash flood watch in effect at Oroville (issued last night 2/15):

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FLASH Flood Watch IN EFFECT FOR THE Auxiliary SPILLWAY AT OROVILLE DAM IN BUTTE COUNTY CA… The National Weather Service in Sacramento CA has issued a Flash Flood Watch for the Auxiliary Spillway of Oroville Dam in Butte County.
Officials managing the incident indicated that the situation has stabilized sufficiently to lift mandatory evacuation orders. However, voluntary evacuation notices are in place. Flash Flood Watch for Auxiliary Spillway of Oroville Dam on the Feather River in Butte County California.

  • Watch will remain in place until the situation changes.
  • Residents are urged to follow emergency instructions from local authorities.


A ‘watch’ is a level below ‘warning.’  The evacuation ‘order’ remains voluntary.  It just means that the new storms are being monitored very carefully.
If I lived in the direct floodplain there I would probably just pack up my most valuable things, secure everything else and go hang out on higher ground until the next storm passes.
h/t Von Klinkerhoffen


2 thoughts on “LIVE UPDATES about Oroville Dam, not MSM!”

  1. It’s the Great Johnstown Flood all over again!!! Look to see the water completely engulf the town and lower town completely and destroying all in it’s path….and that’s the good news.

  2. Having been evacuated for a cat 4 hurricane back in ’04, may I suggest that all Americans in that area get a u-haul because you will lose everything and then the mold begins to grow in an instant. To beat the insurance racket, be sure to file your loss through an insurance adjuster rather than going direct.


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