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Coronavirus cases surge in Europe and Latin America.

Plus, resistance: “Police said ‘several thousand’ people marched through Berlin on Saturday in a silent protest against restrictions. Protesters also rallied in Rome, Warsaw and London against mask-wearing requirements and virus curbs. Governments across the globe are struggling to keep up with a sharp rise in infections and manage growing public frustration over a new restrictions as the pandemic enters a second wave.”

My thinking: Early on, short lockdowns made some sense. They kept hospitals from being overloaded and let people get a handle on what was going on. But we’re in what, day 200 of “15 days to slow the spread” now? Also, I’m a big fan of the Vitamin D hypothesis. Early lockdowns pushed infection back from March, when people’s Vitamin D levels were at their lowest, into the summer, where the levels were higher, making infections less likely and cases milder. Lockdowns now, on the other hand, will push cases back into the winter months, when people are more susceptible.

You could help address this with a public campaign to get people to take Vitamin D, pursued with the same energy as, say, masking. But unaccountably, despite a fair amount of official endorsement for Vitamin D supplementation — e.g., Anthony Fauci — we’ve seen no such campaign anywhere.



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