Lord Rothschild: Brexit would be 'damaging and disorderly'

Investmentweek.co.uk reports:
Rothschild, who chairs the RIT Capital Partners investment trust, refers to his family businesses which originated with five brothers setting up the “first truly international banking system,” operating from London, Paris, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt at the end of the 18th century.
He said: “The brothers, working together to exchange information and ideas, built an extraordinary business that operated across boundaries and cultures.

“150 years later, the foundation of the EEC operated on similar principles, namely that we are stronger and better off together.”
Rothschild also alludes to a number of major independent institutions, including the IMF, OECD and the Bank of England, all of which have warned against leaving the EU as it would cause the UK economy to suffer.

The OECD have said UK GDP could fall more than 3% in the case of a Brexit and believes the UK’s “economic dynamism and productivity” would suffer.

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67 thoughts on “Lord Rothschild: Brexit would be 'damaging and disorderly'

  1. This guy cares about your well being about the same as Hillary does, ZIP, NADDA, NOTHING. It’s his own future wealth that worries him.

  2. Fortunately, his speaking up may help kill any chance of keeping the UK in the EU!
    Although Amerikans have no clue who this sociopath is, I’m sure Europeans are VERY familiar with him – and his evil.

    • You’re presumptions are wrong, Occams.
      IMHO, Rothschild is at the top of the Pyramid. He creates Wars, delegates more than half of World Commerce through his control of the Central Banks, and takes orders from no one — not even the Queen.
      He is a giant pustular zit on the face of humanity, and he needs to be popped from his ivory tower (for lack of a better analogy).
      BTW: I read this morning that the Brexit Referendum exit polls have been cancelled. Looks like Rothschild intends to make England stay in the EU, regardless of what the people vote for.. You may need to locate a man who wears a Guy Fawkes mask, and goes by the name of “V”.

      • No, not an incorrect presumption, just hope. That Amerikans will wake up that the ‘Federal’ Reserve is not (most still think it is), and by this slimy creature’s speaking up, perhaps it will start to dawn on people.
        Or, we can wait for ISIS to attack him and Israel….

        • I understand about our Fed, which is also part of the Rothschild Dynasty’s Central Banking System. The Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan had even gone as far to say that ‘the FED is above the Law’.
          “Or, we can wait for ISIS to attack him and Israel….
          Isn’t it amazing that ISIS never attacks Rothschild, Israel, or any USA/European Banks / Government Offices. We have Obama asking Putin not to bomb certain ISIS or Al-Qaeda positions in Syria (because that’s where our troops are located — embedded with the alleged terrorists). If ISIS is defeated, then Israel/NATO will lose its primary means of fomenting wars. Putin has shown remarkable restraint… but he’s losing patience
          Unfortunately, the Brexit probably won’t happen, and Trump won’t be elected, because the USA and England both have fraudulent voting systems.
          “The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care.” ~ George Carlin [RIP]

  3. After regaining their sovereignty by leaving the EU, patriotic British people can take the next step toward regaining their freedom and human dignity by getting rid of financial parasites like the Rothschilds who control Britain against the interests of its citizens.

  4. Trump has embolden everyone around the world. The elite are and should be running for their lives. Justice is coming and we are bring hell with us. Tombstone

  5. Why humans permit a non-human like Rothschild to live is beyond me. He kills so many people to stay wealthy.

  6. That is the best reason to get out of the EU. Have a jubilee and Britain should print it’s own money instead of borrowing from these trillionaire families. It’s simply time to move away from these old parasitic families into a new age. Let them make money the old fashioned way instead of living off us.

  7. These dudes have been grinding goyim into sausages for centuries. Anybody WHO WOULD DO ANYTHING BUT the exact opposite of what this guy advises needs their head examined.

  8. Rothschild, says in his letter that the UK public should not “risk the
    wellbeing of our country”, pointing out that European countries are
    “better of together”.
    Britain will no longer be a country, if it remains in the EU. Britain will be no different than New York state is to the U.S. or Quebec is to Canada.

  9. Isaiah 41:8 ????
    “But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham my friend”
    4+1+8= 13
    My Friend

  10. Gee, with all the upheaval in recent years, not a word from the Rothchilds or Rockefellers as countries collapse, false flags, war ……..? Now that their NWO plan is starting to go in the toilet, we have to listen to them?

  11. How bout Rothschild liquidate all of his assets and distribute them equally to every single human on the planet. That would be a tidy sum of 300 million each.

  12. What is this souless snob thinking? He has to know everyone who knows economics knows the name Rothschild and what that implicates. He would do better to shutup. Thank God he’s stupid enough to yap his jaw, it only solidifies our point. Get out of the EU!

  13. Congratulations Great Britain!!
    In one day you have severed yourselves from the EU, forced Cameron to resign, and kicked Lord Rothschild in the balls. BRAVO!

  14. wakie up USA… these ingrates are also working to destroy USA and create their own NorthAmericaUnion…. they have opened our borders enabling floods of INVADERS to enter our country. They are trying to take our firearms. Careful… we WILL give them to ’em and clean up everything in USA. Can you even imagine a Jew trying to take a firearm away from an American? Chutzpah Gratitude. They lose again, but know that they will pop up everywhere like WackaMole Game. Lessons must be repeated.

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