Lords of Silicon Valley – Bannon Takes Aim at Californian Secessionists

by Mark Angelides

The stunning speech given by Steve Bannon for Californian Republicans is not only a rallying cry to action, but also far-seeing in its angle on the future of California as part of the American union. Three factors are in play that are working towards cessation, and the Globalists are fully behind it.
As reported in Politic, Bannon said that: “They (the Silicon Valley leaders) want all the benefits of a free society…all the benefits of this rules-based international order,’’ including lucrative trade deals and capital markets, he said, while “we the citizens of the United States…underwrite the whole thing.”
He went further suggesting that, “You are a sanctuary state — and trust me, if you do not roll this back, 10 or 15 years from now, the folks in Silicon Valley and the progressive left in this state are going to try to secede from the Union.”
And these two statements are the crux of what is happening in California. The “elites” in coordination with the Democrat party want California to be the base of their next cultural Marxist experiment. It would be a “nation” that has money from the corporations and a poor, unskilled workforce that are easy to coerce and manipulate. This equals a cash base and the means of production readily available.
They want a new socialism that starts from an already privileged position and ready trade partners. It is a long-term strategy to finally “prove” that all other forms of socialist government have been “poorly executed.”
The second string to this was when Bannon compared California to South Carolina in the past. He said, “You’ve got a very dangerous thing going on in this state,’’ likening California in 2017 to South Carolina in the 1830’s, a state he said also tried to “pick and choose the laws they want,’’ before it pulled away from the Union.
California is in the process of passing laws that are antithetical to much of the rest of the Union. When the time comes to cede, they will be in a position to say that “we are already another nation with laws of our own.” Not only this, but they will state that the laws of the United States are not compatible with their own and are “more morally superior.”
The third factor in operation is that of representation. Bannon said, “It looks like now, it’s impossible to do anything in California,’’ he said. “The media’s against you, the culture’s against you…[but] you have got everything you need to win…you’ve got big ideas, you have the grassroots, you’ve got muscle.” And he is right, but the left are determined to remove any political opposition, thus allowing them the free reign to lay the groundwork for secession.
California will attempt to leave the Union, and it will be to the detriment of the people but to the good of the Cultural Marxist agenda.

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12 thoughts on “Lords of Silicon Valley – Bannon Takes Aim at Californian Secessionists”

  1. California conservatives must employ tactics to end the 3m illegal aliens unconstitutional voters. Otherwise, it is a lost cost. This is a case that should go to the Supreme Court, since the state will attempt to allow them to continue voting.
    Side note, whenever you might hear either Obama, the Clintons, or anyone in the MSM say that “Trump is a threat to our democracy.” What they are really saying is that they do not recognize that the USA is actually a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of duly elected representatives, and not a pure democracy. What they are telling you through their selective use of language is that they believe in only one person, one vote regardless of citizenship (mob rule) and how they got here, and that the rule of law, or the Republic under the Constitution is null and void. In essence, these people are traitors deserving of imprisonment!

  2. Review the definition of rebellion and insurrection. Declaring California a sanctuary state places the state government in open rebellion with the US. The federal government is within its rights to appoint a military governor and arrest everyone from Brown and the legislatures to the police chiefs. Or… we could let the commie weasels go while we keep all the military installations. Think of the money we would save! Heck, we could deport ALL the illegals here into Cali! Feinstein & Pelosi would be GONE! Christ, let them GO!

    • i live in cali. i am not in favor of secession, which will never happen under any circumstance. however, if you think we are moochers off the federal tit then y’alls should perhaps think again. we pay the lions share of federal taxes. and if we did secede then the rest of the U.S. food bills would suddenly skyrocket – where do you think a great percentage of y’alls food comes from, the magic grocery store?
      we have huge exports of crops, dairy, beef, pork….
      we aren’t just a bunch of hippies moping around smoking dope.

      • In two generations you will need all your food production just to feed Southern California, not counting what you would spend on them in welfare. If the wall is constructed you might be able keep the population down enough to export some fruit and wine out of state, maybe in exchange for Kansas wheat, Iowa corn, Wisconsin cheese, more Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska beef, more Georgia, Carolina pork, and stuff like Georgia cotton, Midwestern soybeans, and even Maine lobsters for your dwindling elite. I nearly forgot Gulf Coast gasoline to keep prices out there under $10 a gallon. Harvey Weinstine and tribe are making Atlanta movie productions more promising in the future. Hollywood is a wilting flower. LA is becoming a huge Barrio, San Francisco a den of snowflakes, and the Santa Anna winds are trying their best to destroy it all. The San Andria fault will level the playing field someday. But you will still be the most Progressive state in the union until you shrivel on the vine.

        • it is likely your scenario is correct. however, today we are not moochers on any federal tit. i just resent the disrespect heaped upon us by the great number of blog/article commenters in the rest of this country … most of whom have no idea of what they are talking about.

  3. California is not seceding anytime soon, although Bannon may be right about a long term plan to secede.
    The whole northern fourth of the state has wanted to secede FROM California and form the state of “Jefferson” for decades now. Most of the folks up in the Sierras and the foothills are conservative and a lot of retired folks have America as their first loyalty, not California. Add to that the retired military communities in places like 29 Palms. California would rip itself apart if it tried to secede. I am really not sure why some conservatives think secession would be a good thing, retreating and giving up territory to the enemy is not going to help the US.


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