L’Oreal’s New Transgender Model says “All White People” are Racist!

by Mark Angelides

The cosmetic company, L’Oreal, has run into difficulty with their latest “commitment to diversity.” Having hired British, transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, she promptly went on a lengthy Facebook rant about white people that is as idiotic as it is ignorant. The diatribe ignores some very basic realities and buys completely into the fashionable new “race hate” language that is being popularized by the MSM.
First off, here’s the text:
‘Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.
‘Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour. Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this s***.
‘Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege.
‘Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk.
‘Until then stay acting shocked about how the world continues to stay f***** at the hands of your ancestors and your heads that remain buried in the sand with hands over your ears.’
So, in this twisted bit of hate, racism is inherited and not learned, and it is unconsciously passed down through privilege. Bergdorf then says that “we can talk” once this is acknowledged. But if it is inherited and unconscious, then clearly there is no blame here. If it is inherited, then you may as well criticize someone for their height or skin colour…Oh, wait!?!?
And it gets worse…
After the inevitable backlash began, Munroe has pinned a Tweet to “explain” her words:

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As you can see, the link that was the reason for this “rant” is actually back to an article talking about her “rant”. Is this a “chicken and egg” thing? How can her rant be a response to something that came out after her rant and describes her rant?
An insider at L’Oreal said that this kind of talk was very much against the company’s message (presumably the “diversity” message, and that:
‘To drop her now would be something of a PR disaster but, at the same time, they cannot be seen to be endorsing any kind of racism or extremism. Conversations about her future are taking place.’
So, well done L’Oreal for acknowledging this. But in fairness, the warning signs of a disaster were already there. Munroe said in a Vogue magazine article, that:
“It can be alienating, to see the same images all of the time and for none of them to relate to you. In primary school… I loved Naomi Campbell and gravitated toward women of colour, even though they’d appear less on the pages than the white models.
‘It’s important to be represented, because if you just see images of white women then you start to measure yourself against a white standard of beauty, and obviously that’s not something I’m ever going to achieve, or should ever feel I have to achieve.”
This line of logic is ludicrous. To say that “women of colour” appear less on the pages than white models is just plain wrong. The problem is not the industry (although there are MANY problems), but Munroe’s location. In the UK, the vast majority of people are white; if she were in a country where the vast majority of people were not white there would be a reverse situation.
She says it’s important to be “represented”, well having white women in the pages of magazines doing modeling is EXACTLY that. It is representative of the population.
Miss Munroe, I wish you well in your career, but please learn to think before you start spouting hatred and idiocy.


14 thoughts on “L’Oreal’s New Transgender Model says “All White People” are Racist!”

  1. Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.
    Right, that’s why Switzerland, which has never had slavery or colonies, and never waged war on any people of color, is among the wealthiest countries on the planet.

  2. the last name Bergdorf is more than likely of GERMAN ORIGIN, which from what I gather is about as WHITE AS YOU CAN BE!
    prob her mother is a woman of color, but you cant just own up to that side, she needs to own up to her Nazi side as well! lol
    for this tranny to claim to be a woman of color is ridiculous, and bravo to LOREAL for canning this hormonal hag!

  3. RACIST? What did we just go thru 8 STINKING YEARS of BLACK POWER RACIST CRAP for if they are STILL trying to start a RACE WAR.
    IF white people are RACIST as the golf bum then maybe they HAVE A RIGHT to avoid the BAD RACES and BAD PLACES!
    as the PRIMO RACE the whites SHOULD ALL BE PROUD of what we BUILT and remember WHO DID NOTHING!

  4. Sit back and allow this to sink in for a moment. Yes, I am WHITE !!! Yes, I am RACIST !!! You see I am all for the continued propagation and development of the HUMAN RACE. If you have another group of individuals out there who are members of some other RACE I truly would love to meet them. If you are trying to tell me you ARE NOT in favor of the human race, then please tell me who, and/or what, kind of agenda you are pushing. Did you not know words have power as well as meaning. This is why you should always choose your words carefully and be sure they are conveying the meanings which you intend. The term racists has long been used very incorrectly.

  5. This He/She should move to Africa so that He/She can reside among her own kind. But, He/She won’t because countries dominated by white people are far more prosperous and pay better. As an aside, He/She will never know what it is to be a real woman. He/She is a fake and a phony. Now, go get another hormone injection and don’t forget to insert your medical dildo so your fake vagina doesn’t close up, you racist.

  6. Good grief. This guy gets a nice shiny new job pretending he’s a woman and he blows it right off the bat spewing racist comments. These people are mentally deficient.


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