The EU’s Answer to Islamic Terrorism? – Redesign the Streets!

by Mark Angelides

In what is surely one of the most ludicrous (yet entirely unsurprising) displays of the pitiable excuse for leadership in the Western world, the European Union’s EU counter-terrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove said the way to combat terrorism is putting up bollards.
‘We must work more at protecting so-called easy targets. Bollards, the re-designing of pedestrian streets are necessary. There is a clear effect of imitation in terrorism, and it seems clear that something like Barcelona will happen again,’ he said. Yes, Giles, the way to stop deranged madmen from murdering innocent people in the streets is to make them walk around a concrete post first!?!
This is a guy who has been in his position since 2007, and has overseen the largest rise in terrorism on the streets of Europe ever seen. The idea that putting up posts at the beginnings of bust streets would not only cause absolute chaos (because it is not only terrorists who drive down streets), would not only be impossibly expensive (it would involve simultaneously redesigning every city and road way), but it would also be singularly ineffective!
If the purpose is to stop cars from being able to drive down high streets, or busy thoroughfares, wouldn’t the people then be limited to denser entrance and exit points…Which would clearly be a great target for terrorists.
Why is this the response? Why not something that actually either A) removes radicals from the streets (if not the country) or B) stops despotic regimes from funding Hate Mosques? The answer is unfortunately, that they do not want to stop terrorism, merely manage it.
Gilles de Kerchove himself says that there are a massive number of extremists in the UK and Europe:
“The United Kingdom has identified 20,000 to 35,000 radicals. Of these, 3,000 are worrying for MI5, and of those 500 are under constant and special attention.”
“France has 17,000. Spain many less, but more than 5,000 I suppose. In Belgium almost 500 have been to Syria and there are around 2,000 radicals or more.”
He reckons at least 50,000 across Europe in total.
Is this really the best solution the “elected” leaders of the world can come up with to defeat Radical Islamic terrorism? The UK pays the EU 12 billion GBP each and every year, and it is being spent on this? A proper method of dealing with terrorism needs to be in place, and if that involves taking away radicals individually, one by one, until they are all gone, then so be it.

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10 thoughts on “The EU’s Answer to Islamic Terrorism? – Redesign the Streets!”

  1. Not entirely as insane as you make it sound…
    the way to stop deranged madmen from murdering innocent people in the streets is to make them walk around a concrete post first!?!
    That’s obviously not what it is meant to do, and using it for that would be very much deranged. The idea behind those concrete posts is to prevent a very specific kind of terrorist attack, namely driving a truck or a car into a crowd of people – the way someone (though probably a government agent) did in Barcelona, Nice and Berlin – and loading a truck with explosives and parking it in front of a target building.
    If the purpose is to stop cars from being able to drive down high streets, or busy thoroughfares, wouldn’t the people then be limited to denser entrance and exit points…Which would clearly be a great target for terrorists.
    No. While pedestrian zones are rare around here, pretty much all European cities have a fairly huge pedestrian zone in the inner city.
    Those pedestrian zones typically are where tourist attractions and government buildings are.
    Preventing a car/truck from entering a pedestrian zone can prevent that zone from being attacked with a car/truck, and doesn’t make anything else a more meaningful target.
    Right now, you could drive into most of those pedestrian zones (if you didn’t mind being facing heavy fines and/or arrest and/or confiscation of the car, depending on where you are) – the concrete posts are simply a physical barrier to make sure a bad guy can’t drive in there even if he wanted to.
    Probably not the most effective thing they could be doing (someone who really wants to attack will just find a different way), but not quite as insane as you make it sound.

    • Great logic. An obese appearing Muslim female simply walks around the bollard, then detonates her explosive vest. Why not just drive the Muslims out of all European nations — then keep them out? I mean how many MORE Europeans must be raped, murdered or maimed by these utterly insane religious primitives before Europe wakes up?

      • I didn’t say it was a perfect thing to do (just not as insane as the article makes it sound) – it’s a way to prevent one specific kind of attack.
        Driving Muslims out of all European nations isn’t the answer – even if you leave such issues as “Freedom of Religion” or “It’s unfair to punish everyone for the deeds of a few [What would you say if someone advocated taking action against all Americans because Clinton, Bush and Obama were war criminals?]” aside, it wouldn’t be possible.
        While it might work for Northern European countries, some other European countries have had Muslim minorities for centuries – since the aftermath of the Crusades. In 1230, a region that is now part of southern Spain was the Emirate of Granada (and yes, it was exactly what it sounds like). You can’t send people who have been there for almost 800 years “home”.
        And Spain isn’t the only one – Serbia and Bosnia were part of the Ottoman (= Turkish = Muslim) Empire as early as in the 1400s, and their Muslim minorities go back that far.
        In fact, Islam is the majority religion of Bosnia and Herzegovina even today.
        It’s also a fact that those Muslim minorities (and even majorities) have never been much of a problem – there simply isn’t a lot of radical Islamic terrorism in southern Spain, Bosnia, Serbia, or even other Muslim majority countries like Malaysia or Iran.
        This is a clear indication that the problem isn’t with Islam itself – it’s with one particular interpretation thereof (the type of Wahhabism practiced and pushed by the Saudi royals), which has little in common with the type of Islam practiced in Europe for centuries.
        It’s a better idea to arrest the troublemakers (Saudi royals and the Wahhabi preachers they’re training and sending everywhere to stir up trouble – as well as their helpers in the deep state in various countries).
        Normal Muslims aren’t the problem – especially not if agitators who are trying to rile them up against everyone else are stopped.

  2. Radicals win by making us change our way of life and spend $$$$, then change tactics, to keep us under their thumb. Also bureaucrats at the U.N. are up to their eyeballs in taking bribes from businesses. The bollard co is the only winner.

  3. Why not DRIVE THE MUSLIMS OUT OF EUROPE? Certainly much more logical than a redesign of streets!
    There is no fool-proof way to vet immigrants from Muslim nations. Do deny access to all of them and rid Europe once and for all of the Muslim Invasion!

  4. There so many dark skinned refugees in Germany, Sweden, Italy, and France, that fact can’t be denied. More economic refugees is on the way. Soon the white population will be replaced. The remaining whites will live in ghettos to be pried upon by those they recently welcomed. Thank you frau merkle.


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