Loudoun County Eighth-Grade Girl Defends Her Right Not To Change In Front Of Boys

No more can be said than….AND RIGHTLY SO!!!

Fourteen-year-old Jolene Grover went to a school board meeting wearing a “Woman is Female” t-shirt to call out her district for prioritizing “boys’ wants over girls’ needs” in its new transgender policies. The eighth-grader joins teachers and parents in fighting Loudoun County, Virginia’s proposed policies that would allow students to use whichever locker room corresponds with their self-described gender identity rather than their biological sex.

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During her speech at a school board meeting, Grover argued the new policies are “dangerous and rooted in sexism” and could lead to harassment or assault, exclaiming, “You do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price.” She further noted the existing harassment and bad behavior by junior high boys, telling the board, “Now, boys are reading erotica in the classroom next to girls, and you want to give them access to girls’ locker rooms.”



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