Manhattan To Hamptons In 30 Minutes On This 40 Passenger Drone Bus

It’ll look like Blade Runner or Star Wars it the near future in many cities…

I wonder whop will be brave enough to get in on the first run???

The airframe’s shape is certainly impressive in terms of aerodynamics. Four fan banks power the eVTOL with two ducted fans with variable pitch blades inside each. These fan banks can lift the aircraft up and down and propel the craft forward like a traditional airplane. Kelekona said eVTOL would be powered with “batteries similar to what you see in the Model S.”

“What we decided to build is a flying battery,” he noted. “What that allowed us to do is have greater endurance. Instead of building an interesting airframe and then trying to figure out how to put the battery into that aircraft, we started with the battery first and put things on top of it.”

The company has yet to build a scaled model but has been running computer simulations of the eVTOL. He said, “We feel strongly that we have about plus or minus two percent read on all our performance data.”

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Passenger routes are planned for 2024, but it all depends on if the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants the company licenses to fly the aircraft over U.S. airspace


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