Louis Cammarosano (Smaulgld): US & China Both Have HUGE Financial Problems?

Wall St. For Main St., Released on 8/9/18

During this interesting conversation, Jason and Louis go back and forth discussing what the 5-6 major central banks are doing since they last spoke in March.

The Fed has hiked rates, the US Dollar has against the other currencies in the US Dollar Index and also against emerging market currencies and QT is ramping up. The Fed has already sold around $250 billion in assets on its balance sheet.

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Jason and Louis also have a long discussion about the credit problems and financial problems in China and whether the best case scenario for China is what happened to Japan 30-40 years ago?

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Louis talk about the escalating US vs China trade war and if anyone can actually win the trade war?

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Louis also talks about how the gold price has been doing poorly in many currencies except in Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld is a gold and silver expert, former Wall St lawyer and former Silicon Valley executive.


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