Why is the Media Dividing Us?

by Daniel Carter

If you’ve seen my prior work, you know that I often focus on the dirty deeds of mainstream media. Last week, I posed the question: “Is the Press an Enemy of the People”. Of course, when I say “press”, I am referring to the six mega-corporations that own 90% of the media. And there is little doubt that these corporations treat us like enemies, dividing us every chance they get.

Just this week, Ezra Klein, founder and editor of Vox, wrote an article in which he excused the feminist movement for spreading the message of #KillAllMen across various social media platforms. Do you think that may anger and divide people?

Or how about the New York Times sticking by their recent hiring of Sarah Jeong after it was discovered that she made a plethora of anti-white statements on Twitter? That’s a good way to alienate over 60% of your American audience.

But the media’s divisiveness often seems much more sinister than these two recent examples. The media has divided our black population against law enforcement to such a degree that a Black Lives Matter activist killed five police officers in Dallas two years ago.

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And remember when James Hodgkinson shot up a Congressional baseball game last year? He was an unstable person, but further radicalized by media narratives. On a change.org petition, Hodgkinson posted “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

I’m not saying the media is 100% to blame for the growing instability of the US, but their hysteria-inducing narratives are clearly resulting in anger, hate and violence. So, why do they persist?

I think the obvious answer has to do with who they are. Like I said, these are mega-corporations, some of the biggest in the world. This means they are most likely working for the interests of the elites. If the masses are divided against themselves, they aren’t paying attention to the fact that no bankers were prosecuted for crashing the financial system; they aren’t paying attention to the catastrophe that was created in the Middle East so that the Military Industrial Complex could sell more weapons; they aren’t paying attention to their diminishing freedoms.

Before I go, let me leave you with a more conspiratorial concept. What if the ruling class was dividing us in hopes of more political violence? What if they wanted that violence to get so extreme that they would have an excuse for martial law and dictatorial rule? It would not be the first time something like this happened. I hate the overuse of Hitler analogies today, but Hitler did come to power under similar circumstances. The attack on Reichstag (parliament) squelched the freedoms of the German people and thrust Hitler into dictatorship. And many people still consider the event a false flag so that Hitler could take total control of government. Are today’s elites trying to provoke a similar situation?

It’s hard to know, but interesting to speculate. Whatever might be going on, we know this: the media is dividing the public to a dangerous degree. And they are more than likely dividing the public with a specific goal in mind. Stay vigilant, and for God’s sake, limit your consumption of mainstream media.


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