MAGA Survey: 85% of America’s blue collar workers see their lives heading in the right direction

What happens when the silent majority stand up in full force and elect a president entirely focused on advancing the interests of Main Street over Wall Street?  What happens when that President takes office and begins systematically instituting a comprehensive series of economic policies that are targeted to Make America Great Again?

The middle-class of America benefits.  That’s what happens.  And when economic, trade, and U.S. financial policy are focused to improve the outcomes for the middle-class, the entire landscape of beneficial outcomes within the U.S. economy shifts…. Bigly.

Express Pro Survey – America’s blue collar workers may be one of the most optimistic groups in the country today. According to a new study conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, 85 percent of America’s blue collar workers see their lives heading “in the right direction.”

Sixty-nine (69) percent also say their local communities are heading in the right direction, and 51 percent say the same about the country as whole.

The national survey of 1,049 blue collar workers was conducted online by The Harris Poll between July 9 and 23, 2018, on behalf of Express and offers a detailed, in-depth look at the background and attitudes of those working in blue collar professions.

“There’s been a great deal of chatter about the future and frustrations of America’s blue collar workers,” said Express CEO Bill Stoller. “Our survey reveals that blue collar workers are upbeat, optimistic and proud of the work they do. While the news is often full of stories about economic anxieties, this survey shows workers who are exceptionally optimistic. While they certainly express concerns, it’s clear that the vast majority feel like things will work out for themselves and their families.” (more)

Here’s an interesting dichotomy: Blue collar workers are slightly more likely to identify with the Democratic party, 35 percent vs. 31 percent for Republicans. By a small margin, they think Republicans do a better job of helping blue collar Americans than Democrats, 39 percent vs. 36 percent.  (link)

In general, blue collar workers are optimistic about their personal situation and about the future.

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  • 85 percent say their lives are heading in the right direction
  • 69 percent say their local communities are heading in the right direction
  • 58 percent say their states are heading in the right direction
  • 51 percent say the country is heading in the right direction

Fifty-five (55) percent say they are better off now than they were five years ago.

  • 20 percent say they are worse off
  • 26 percent say they are about the same
  • 61 percent of skilled trade workers say they are better off; 45 percent of general labor workers say they are better off.

The past year has been good for blue collar workers.

  • More than two-thirds (68 percent) report a pay increase in the past year
  • Of those that saw a pay increase in the last year, 39 percent received a raise of more than 5 percent
  • 45 percent report receiving more responsibilities in the past year
  • 35 percent report receiving a promotion in the past year

“I think there is a tendency for those with college degrees to speculate about how blue collar workers are doing,” Stoller said. “But this survey shows that most blue collar workers feel good about themselves and their jobs. They’re proud of who they are and what they do. As we head into Labor Day weekend, this survey shows that America’s labor force is doing well-and that’s good to see.

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