Man suffers brain damage – immediately can play piano like an expert – Acquired Savant Syndrome

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DENVER (CBS4)– A bang to the head changed a Colorado man’s life by revealing a hidden talent. Doctors say pianist Derek Amato is one of the few people in the world to have experienced the rare phenomena called Acquired Savant Syndrome..

..He says the music is in his mind. He sees it in his head, and his fingers do the rest. Amato has a gift that came about in an unexpected way..

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Twelve years ago he had an accident in the swimming pool.

“I miscalculated diving in the shallow end and hit the bottom of the shallow end on this side of my head and damaged the back end,” said Amato.

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After recovering from the accident, he was at a friend’s house and walked over to the keyboard and suddenly, without ever playing the piano before, he began playing … and playing.

The trauma to the head unlocked something unique inside Amato’s brain…



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