NY Governor Cuomo calls for emergency meeting with President Trump! guess what he is furious about? Higher taxes

And get this, the man who cannot murder children fast enough not only wants Trump to change the deduction cap on taxes.

But, wants his help to stop people from fleeing his high tax state.

800,000 people a year fleeing NY due to its enormous tax rate

you know all those stories in the news about Americans paying higher taxes in 2018??

yeah it wasn’t true. Its mainly people in places like NY that have the highest cost real estate on earth.

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Got this link from this twitter feed:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is meeting President Trump at the White House Tuesday to discuss how changes in the federal tax code are hurting New York, the governor announced Monday.

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Now being reported on Fox Business Tax is collapsing

the high end real estate markets in NY, Illinois and California.




Just so you know, white house spokesperson said no!

not gonna adjust the cap!


h/t Jake