Mandatory ‘freedom bracelets’? Israel OKs Covid tracking tech after ‘satisfied volunteers’ prefer it to military-run quarantin

Yellow stars good, concentration camps bad…

…for now.

The Israeli Knesset has handed the government powers to force all citizens returning to the country to wear a tracking device during their mandatory Covid-19 quarantine, or else be stowed away in a military-run isolation hotel.
Lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday allowing authorities to mandate the so-called ‘freedom bracelets’ for citizens, after a previous measure requiring quarantine at government-administered hotels expired earlier this month. Now, Israelis will isolate at home by default, so long as they consent to wear the electronic tracking gadget.

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Proposed last week, the new law makes exemptions for children under the age of 14 and allows residents to request a waiver from a special committee. Those who decline to wear the bracelet will be required to undergo isolation in one of the quarantine hotels, which will continue to operate. Violators of the isolation rules could be fined up to 5,000 Israeli s-kels ($1,500).

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Travelers who present documentation proving they have completed a full run of a coronavirus vaccine, or those who have already contracted and recovered from the illness, can skip quarantine, provided they test negative for the virus both before and after arriving in the country.


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