March Article 13 Vote Limits Web Sharing of Weather Related News & Images

by Dessert42

Axel Voss is pretty much the spearhead of Article 13. Relevant quote:

They have created a business model with the property of other people – on copyright protected works. If the intention of the platform is to give people access to copyright protected works then we have to think about whether this kind of business should exist.

This imbecile has absolutely no clue. Everybody who uploads any photo they make is a copyright owner. I even own the copyright to this comment. That’s international copyright law.

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Final Vote for Article 13 of the EU Copywrite Legislation now in play as the FINAL vote or the previously agreed on legislation vote months earlier, will severely limit what can or connot be viewed in the EU and what content ultimately falls under the soon to be finalized version. Anything news originating from the EU words, images or audio will a content filter, so links to Italian olive farmers loosing the entire region to cold or empty Greek shelves, or Russian wheat export pullback, will be deemed un-sharable. A different way to make crop losses disappear.

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