Margin Accounts at Brokers and Dealers EXPLODES As CMBX Remains 30.5% Below Pre-Covid Levels (What Money Printing CAN’T Fix)

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by confoundedinterest17

As we are all painfully aware, The Federal Reserve went on a 2nd money printing spree to allegedly stave-off the economic impacts of the COVID outbreak in March 2020. The first money printing spree took place in late 2008 as The Fed tried to stave-off the economic impacts of the housing bubble burst of 2008 and the ensuing financial crisis.

But for now, we have this horrifying chart showing the exploding margin accounts at security brokers and dealers (not, not the Walter White-type dealers, but Wall Street dealers). Notice the 400% surge in M1 Money stock after COVID struck.

Of course, the soaring stock market is feeding the margin loop, encouraged by The Fed. Check out the Shiller Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings (CAPE) ratio after The Fed’s M1 printing storm.

What can’t money printing fix? How about CMBS prices (or CMBX BBB- S6 prices … down 30.5% since just before COVID struck.

Let’s see if The Fed sucks the 400% growth back to zero.



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