Mariupol City Center: Hell On Earth – Locals Describe how Americans Paying for the Bombing of their Homes (video 10:52 m)

The emotions run high as the locals describe how their homes were destroyed, bodies laying unburied everywhere. They have to use a bucket for a toilet. Men, women and children and the elderly all stuck in basements for weeks at a time.
The locals describe how some Americans came to the area and they found out they were supporting the Ukrainians. This fact makes them question anyone speaking English, even the reporters, as they vent their rage against the reporters as well.

The lifestyles of the eastern Europeans, especially Ukraine and Russia, is to promote “apartment living” rather than suburban homes in the west/America. This collection of hundreds of thousands of residents in apartment buildings makes for easy pickings during a war, and when a war breaks out and their apartment buildings destroyed they are instantly homeless refugees. Most without even a car. This is what the globalists are trying to promote in the US. Reduce our lifestyles so we will have less and “be happy”.

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