MARK JUDGE: Breaking Up With Carl Bernstein and the Communist Media.

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Like a lot of people from the Watergate era — Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Jesse Jackson — Bernstein has lived long enough to see himself go from hero to villain.

As with Hillary, the irony surrounding Bernstein’s hypocrisy is particularly acute. He helped expose a president who was orchestrating opposition research on opponents, including digging into their psychiatric files. Now Bernstein, like the rest of the media, celebrates the very same kind of tactics, and even kicks it up a notch. . . .

The problem with Bernstein is not just evident in his obviously deranged leftism. It’s that this totem of journalistic integrity is a founding father of fake news and has been for years. It’s not just his recent madness that calls into question his integrity. It’s his evasiveness going back decades.

The roots of it can be found in his 1989 memoir, Loyalties: A Son’s Memoir. Bernstein’s parents were members of the Communist Party. But, in his memoir, the famed Watergate sleuth plays dodge with the extent of their involvement with the Party. He was called out for this not by conservatives, but by radical lefty Martin Duberman in “Bernstein’s Left-Wing Legacy,” a 1989 review in The Washington Post. Duberman chided Bernstein for not defending his parents’ Communism, and thus revealing that Bernstein may have been hiding something about his family’s true links to that murderous and evil false religion.


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