Market MELT-UP Has Arrived as Stock Market Most Overbought EVER IN HISTORY!

With the stock market at record highs, central banks buying record amounts of stocks, and the mainstream media heavily pushing the endless rise in the market, do you think this is a time to buy? Or a time to take some profits and put your money into a more neglected asset?

The market MELT-UP is here. Fear of Missing Out is now overly present within the U.S. stock market as we have now hit a stage of euphoria the world has never seen. In many ways, this has even surpassed the Dot Com boom and Bust which was a magical time that took well over a decade to recover from. The question is: What will happen this time around?
WSJ City: Rally Propels Dow as Fear Turns to Greed, Facebook Widens Brexit Probe – MoneyBeat – WSJ
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