MASS EXODUS From California! – State COLLAPSES As Californians Move To Nevada


Josh Sigurdson talks with Kingsley Edwards of about the mass exodus from California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois to places like Nevada, Texas, Florida and Arizona as the crippling debt completely impoverishes millions in the more highly taxed and centralized states.
California’s actual debt is not known, but it’s thought to be somewhere in the trillions of dollars. The vast taxes, housing bubbles and regulations cause the state to have the lowest standard of living in the country with trillions of dollars of debt. What does the state do in order to aid this problem? Spend more money and ban more things.
Meanwhile, thousands of people working two jobs cannot afford to live in a small apartment and are forced to live out of their vehicle. For this reason, countless people are leaving the state of California for Nevada and Arizona. According to studies, there are more adults living in Nevada that were born in California than Nevada!
Talk to most people in Nevada and they’ll say it’s becoming an increasingly worse problem. Mostly because Californians that are trying to escape the terrible standard of living in California that they created now want to push forward the same regulations and taxes in the state of Nevada that brought down their own state in the first place.
It’s sad, because California is one of the nicest places on Earth. The state has been completely taken over by centralization and statism. In this video we break down the many issues that have lead to the vast exodus and why people are moving to places like Nevada.
Kingsley Edwards explains his personal experiences with this issue and why he believes this problem is getting worse.


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