Massachusetts State Troopers resign en masse… Protest against vaccine and mask mandate

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Troopers are not happy with Charlie Baker


The State Police Association of Massachusetts said dozens of troopers have submitted their resignation papers as a result of the Vaccine mandate. The state is requiring all executive department employees to show proof of vaccination by October 17.


The State Police union released a statement following the judge’s decision:

Throughout Covid, we have been on the front lines protecting the citizens of Massachusetts and beyond. Simply put, all we are asking for are the same basic accommodations that countless other departments have provided to their first responders, and to treat a Covid related illness as a line of duty injury.

The State Police are already critically short staffed and acknowledged this by the unprecedented moves which took troopers from specialty units that investigate homicides, terrorism, computer crimes, arsons, gangs, narcotics, and human trafficking, and returned them to uniformed patrol.

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Full story with photos at DailyMail…



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