Massachusetts Institute of Technology have finally cracked the code for nuclear fusion reactions.

This will change Humanity. We should have the government speed this up with funding. Commonwealth Fusion expects to have its smallest possible reactor built by 2025 thanks to the … Read more

Embarrassed to be from Massachusetts… Liberal Democrat mayor of a large city is arrested by the FBI for dozens of counts of wire fraud and false tax returns. Citizens demand a recall election and they actually re-elect him.

via boston25news: FALL RIVER, Mass. – Embattled Mayor Jasiel Correia was re-elected on Tuesday, after a recall vote was held. WPRI-TV reports that while most Fall River voters chose to recall Correia, he still … Read more

CHANGE? A lawsuit is asking the Supreme Court to overturn a Massachusetts rule that prohibits companies from campaign contributions while exempting unions from similar restrictions.

via freebeacon: The pro-free market Goldwater Institute and Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance petitioned the high court to review the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s unanimous ruling approving campaign finance restrictions placed on for-profit … Read more