Massive Explosion at Marijuana Product Wholesaler in Los Angeles, Multiple Buildings Burning

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At Least Ten Injured — 230 Firefighters Responding — Mayday Call Reported

A massive explosion at a marijuana product wholesale distributor in downtown Los Angeles has left multiple buildings burning.

Over 230 firefighters have responded to the blaze and ten have been injured.

The fire department issued a “mayday” call and characterized the incident as a “major emergency.”

Los Angeles explosion: 11 firefighters injured in ‘major emergency’

Los Angeles explosion: 11 firefighters hurt as ‘hash oil factory’ burns

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles has injured 11 firefighters, with scores more sent to put out the blaze in what was described as a factory making cannabis oil.

Four firefighters were taken to a burns intensive care unit, two were put on ventilators due to signs of swelling airways and the other five who were hospitalized suffering a range of burns. The two firefighters on ventilators appeared to have inhaled superheated gases but as of around 10pm local time it seemed none of the injuries were life-threatening, said the fire department’s medical director, Marc Eckstein.

Explosion in downtown L.A. injures multiple firefighters

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday caused a large fire that quickly spread to several buildings and left multiple firefighters injured, authorities said.

The blast occurred about 6:30 p.m. at 327 E. Boyd Street, near Little Tokyo, according to LAFD. It sent flames and a huge column of black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

Bits of paper, like charred confetti, rained down on the neighborhood, according to some witnesses. The streets were full of onlookers who were pushed back by police and firefighters.

Terrifying EXPLOSION in downtown LOS ANGELES

The video depicts the events as it happened in real time – it was surreal and terrifying – I had never experienced anything remotely close to this. It felt like an out of control roaring freight train barreling down on you as the ground beneath my feet rumbled. Did my best to steady the phone (camera) – but I was really really scared!


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