Massive heat waves, Western USA, India, etc

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Folks in the western U.S. are sweltering under an unusually intense June heat wave, with temperatures soaring to near-record highs from Oregon to Arizona.

Massive heat wave India

BBC WEATHER has warned the “heat will continue” after the continent was hit with record 40C temperatures in some areas, which is likely to trigger hefty thunderstorms across central Europe.

Downtown San Francisco saw its hottest three-day stretch in meteorological summer on record.

“It has already started to cool down in California — and in Seattle,” Cliff Mass, a climate scientist at the University of Washington, told The Daily Caller News Foundation via email.

“This is not climate change, but a temporary ridging in the eastern Pacific and, ironically, colder than normal temperatures over the Inter-mountain West,” Mass said.

Meanwhile, below average highs are expected across the Great Lakes, Northeast and OH Valley.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1138944005155069952&ref_url=


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