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Black Lives Matter has been terrorizing cities across America with their menacing “protests” (many of which have become violent), their irrational political demands, and their intimidation of public officials. They call for de-funding or drastically weakening the local police force, changing the names of local landmarks, removing statues, and various radical changes to local government.

Conservative groups often respond simply by holding separate “pro-police” rallies, which have little effect. But our side never comes in equal numbers to directly confront the Black Lives Matter goons and radicals. Now, MassResistance is changing that.

El Segundo, California is a community of about 16,000 situated next to the Pacific Ocean, just south of the Los Angeles International Airport. It’s been nicknamed “Mayberry by the Sea” for its cozy small-town atmosphere. But the city has recently seen a number of left-wing movements coming in to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the town.

On June 25, a local MassResistance activist contacted us. He and others were very upset that Black Lives Matter (BLM) had announced that they’d formed a chapter in El Segundo and were planning a protest and demonstration outside City Hall on June 27 – two days away. BLM also announced they were going to present a list of demands on the city police department, the city government, and the local schools.

We decided that this needed to be confronted. Conservatives have been sitting on the sideline for too long. Our national organization director, Arthur Schaper (who’s based in the Los Angeles area) got right to work. He rallied MassResistance activists in El Segundo and the surrounding area.

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