CLINTON: Bill And Hillary Have Reportedly Fled The Country In The Wee Hours Of The Morning

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The Clintons allegedly flee country after Maxwell arrest

WASHINGTON, DC – Various eyewitnesses have reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton have fled the country during the dark morning hours of July 4th, after it became known that Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein’s former accomplice, had agreed to “give names” to the FBI of those involved in Epstein’s pedophile ring.

It was complete chaos,” James LaFuer, a night shift attendant at the airfield, said in a phone interview. “People hectically unloaded luggage from hastily parked vehicles along the airstrip, and stumbled over one another as they ran towards the plane. They were in a rush for sure. They fueled up the jet and didn’t even run a safety check on the equipment before they took off heading east.”



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