McCain Advised IRS to Audit so many that it becomes “Financially Ruinous”

by Martin Armstrong

I have never been a fan of John McCain and see him as a hypocrite, which is my personal opinion. Now Judicial Watch has gotten hold of IRS documents that show McCain’s staff also advised the IRS to engage in audits of people he did not like and “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

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Direct Taxation has been used as a political tool since it was created. This is another reason why I believe that income taxes MUST be eliminated. The Founding Fathers were correct. Any taxation MUST be indirect and NEVER DIRECT because the latter requires personal accountability to the state. These people are beyond despicable. They are by NO MEANS true representative of the people. This is precisely why Republics have been one of the worst forms of government ever devised. There is NO EXCEPTION for they have always devolved into oligarchies. We cannot have an honest government with career politicians – ABSOLUTELY impossible.



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