Trump In the White House has Netanyahu Flip From Anti-Iran, Humanitarian for Iran?

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by Thinker

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

― Mark Twain

How many years can one go back and look at Youtube video after Youtube video of Netanyahu saying that Iran had nuclear weapons and a threat to the world. Now that Donald Trump is in office the total flip to “Let me give the people of Iran the aid they need?” Will that be aid coming from the billions American taxpayers give to Israel to help them exceed the rest of the world in every industry?

U.S. $38B military aid package to Israel sends a message

WASHINGTON — The United States agreed Wednesday to provide Israel a record $38 billion in new military aid over the next decade. The pact is a sign of the two nations’ close alliance despite major differences over Iran’s nuclear program and other policies. The agreement, which equates to $3.8 billion a year, is the largest bilateral military aid package ever and includes $5 billion for missile defense, additional F-35 joint strike fighters and increased mobility for its ground forces. The aid package “is just the most recent reflection of my steadfast commitment to the security of the state of Israel,” President Obama said in a statement. It will make “a significant contribution to Israel’s security in what remains a dangerous neighborhood,” Obama said.

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“The continued supply of the world’s most advanced weapons technology will ensure that Israel has the ability to defend itself from all manner of threats.” National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the package was good for the U.S. as well. “When our partners and allies are more secure, the United States is more secure,” Rice said at a signing ceremony Wednesday at the State Department. Some critics faulted details of the agreement, which they said will hurt Israel’s ability to ask for more assistance in emergencies or as security conditions change.

“The U.S. is sending a message to the region that:…/90358564/

Is Netanhyahu doing a Soros with the Iranian people bribing them with American billions Israel receives?

Showcasing his ball-dribbling skills, Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in some footsy lobbying with Iranians, insisting that, if their national team could stop Cristiano Ronaldo, then the opposition can surely take out the government. Playing on the emotions of millions of Iranians, who were thrilled to see their team achieve an “impossible” World Cup 1-1 draw with Portugal, the Israeli PM decided to demonstrate he too can play ball, while conveying his love and care for the Iranian people. Netanyahu appealed to the Iranian opposition to seek inspiration in their squad’s performance against superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his boys, and to find the “courage” to stand up against their government.

“To the Iranian people I say: You showed courage on the playing field, and today you showed the same courage in the streets of Iran,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in the video, titled ‘Could you stop Ronaldo from scoring a goal?!’…rotesters/

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Jewish banks got bailed out by the American taxpayers, and the nation of Israel and the people come before the welfare of any American. History is opening the eyes of every taxpayer that its so easy to spend other peoples money when those who honor their own countries sit in political positions of power to make changes happen for them. Are there any congressmen and women that want to put $38 billion into housing and feeding American homeless people? Why are Americans supporting one of the richest nations in the world filled with some of the wealthiest people in the world? From days of the slave trade, to the Holodomor what and who in the world are soldiers fighting for?

Flashback 2013 Under Deep State Obama/Clinton pay to play, its a free for all admistration, was Pentagon’s responsibility in throwing American taxpayer further into economic slavery

Over $9 trillion lost/missing/cant be found…and Obama/Clinton looked the other way…why? American Pentagon, the headquarters for planning invasions, funding terrorists and overthrowing governments, could have saved American taxpayer money post 9/11.


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