Widow Of Lavoy Finicum EXPOSES Government Corruption – Jeanette Finicum Speaks Out!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Jeanette Finicum, widow of the late Lavoy Finicum, a rancher with a love for freedom, taken out by the government and Bureau of Land Management henchmen.
In 2017, we were so overwhelmingly disgusted by the story that we simply couldn’t keep it together in interviewing Jeanette, so we interviewed John Lamb instead. Well, this year we managed and what Jeanette says should be listened to by everyone.
Lavoy Finicum was a family man who loved and cared for his family, and not just that, his independence.
As the Bureau of Land Management encroached on his property rights as Lavoy’s activism got more and more vocal, they simply pushed him further into activism. As they stole water from his property and did whatever they could to make him give up. He did not.
From his work defending the Bundy ranch from government to the Hammond family at the Malheur Refuge in Oregon which would eventually lead to his death, Lavoy never stood down. He always stood up for others… victim of the state.
They called his death a “routine traffic stop” despite it including SWAT teams. They shot at his vehicle and forced him off the road. They likely hit him with rubber which caused him to wince and grab his side which led to them killing him then and there. The video doesn’t lie. He was unarmed.
Jeanette talks about his legacy, his passions, the court proceedings, his book “One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom” and of course the new documentary by the Center For Self Governance, ‘Lavoy Finicum: Dead Man Talking’.

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