Media consolidation – it’s happening as we speak

by HasStupidQuestions

I just wanted to give you a small reminder of the picture most seem to forget. The goal is to consolidate power and reduce the amount of owners with influence. Why on Earth would anyone want to discuss matters with others when you can just not do it?

Right now there are 6 companies that effectively control about 90% of the media market in the US: 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Comcast, Disney, Viacom, and Sony. If you think they aren’t trying to buy each other and make each other bleed, you’re forgetting the history.

Similar thing happened during the financial crisis. Right now there are 6 banks that own the majority of assets. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Lehman Brothers are long gone and their assets were acquired by each of the aforementioned banks.

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The fact that Trump is hated by the fake news organizations only means that there is a significant business opportunity to consolidate power. Polarization is a perfect tool for that. It won’t happen this or next year, but it will happen. Trump is good for these businesses because they don’t just own the media organizations. Some also are internet providers and movie makers. Don’t forget that and think of the ramifications.

The goal is to become of systemic importance because then you have governments by the balls and you can pull stunts such as making all Member States of the EU bail them out while giving no guarantees or promises in return. I’m a paralegal by education who focused on financial matters and that’s a shitty deal if you ask me. Saw how it all works and decided to bail as soon as possible and here I am right now.

Digg and Myspace were a bunch of nobodies acting as if they matter. They failed. Who gives a fucking sh*t? Good riddance!

Deutsche bank failed? Holy sh*t, the Western world turned upside down and they had to scrape more than a trillion dollars to bail them out. What did they do? Now they have EVEN MORE toxic assets (read as derivatives and derivatives trading is nothing more than legalized high stakes gambling without using your own money). It’s estimated that Deutsche bank holds these toxic assets well in excess of 100 trillion dollars. Don’t even get me started on dark pools. Those things aren’t even defined yet in the EU law and they are worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. It’s all a f*cking sham and they know governments can’t do anything because they [banks] make the money and they make the economy grow through lending. Whatever the word “grows” means these days.


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