The Mark Zuckerberg Conspiracy

via Reddit:

Isn’t Mark Zuckerberg a millennial? He back stabs his partners, he sells your private data for money to data miners, who sell it to banks and governments, who use it to f*ck you dry.

Facebook AI already knows 50 ways you’ll leave your lover, before you even know one. They sniff your bio-trail. Their data nose is so far up your ass, that when you open your mouth I can see it.

They want 100% corporate control over your data and are at war with the ITU (data regulators) for 100% control.

So Mark, Google etc. are begging for Saudi Money to fund turning data into a international currency, which it already is by bartering.

That data is the door to your soul, not your digital soul, your real one. AI can now predict your behavior by projecting your data trail. It knows when women are pregnant before even they do.

The Saudis are not going to give Google the money they need without hushing down the fact that they pay us to help them kill women and children at weddings, funerals, hospitals and schools in Yemen. It’s hard to starve millions of people without someone squawking, so you use impeachment as a distraction.

Same as when Mad Maddy Albright starved half-a-million Iraqi kids in the 90s, while Billy boy was poking up someone’s blue dress with a cigar.

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This distraction is called fake news. Fake news is Fox CNN WAPO NYT etc.

Real news is data, your data.

We don’t need a world full of smart dildos and butt plugs.

We have to incentivize electronic demand destruction using 100% private carbon taxes and 100% public data.

And snarky marky will stop at nothing to stop you.

And we will do nothing to stop him.

That’s what everything is all about, nothing except your soul and their blackmail.

Data is the new blackmail economy, nobody’s perfect.


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