Melt up in Russell as small businesses practically wiped out. This ponzi keeps surprising everyday.

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“Financially Devastated” – 83% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent

Mortgage Mayhem Begins: Overall Delinquency Rates Soar As Housing Crisis Lurks 

“U.S. serious delinquency rate to quadruple by the end of 2021, pushing 3 million homeowners into serious delinquency.”

Banks Braced as Pandemic Poses Biggest Test Since Financial Crisis

Provisions for loan losses are at the highest in a decade as lenders prepare for large-scale company bankruptcies…

The economic conditions continue to worsen as we see continued unemployment claims at a record high, millions laid off that have acknowledged they won’t be able to get their old job back, and a cascade of debt, defaults, and bankruptcies. But on the other end of the spectrum, we have unbelievable speculation in equities markets at this time. Never before in history have we seen such exaggerated statistics but since there are no sirens blaring, people don’t know, and will never know.



Suggests we will revisit the March lows this year.

US Dollar will not be the reserve currency forever.

It’s not possible to unwind the stimulus.

Not possible to pay back the unfunded liabilities.


Poverty Overview

Best Small Business Credit Cards of 2020 –

New York, Miami Leading America in Mortgage Delinquencies – Bloomberg

Clouds on The Horizon for Many U.S. Homeowners: Overall Delinquency Rates Beginning to Climb, According to CoreLogic Loan Performance Insights Report | Business Wire

CoreLogic_LPI_Bar-Graph_NationalOverview.jpg (1200×1083)

CoreLogic_LPI_Table_Metropolitan-Area-Delinquency-Foreclosure.jpg (2500×1615)

CoreLogic_LPI_Table_Overall-Delinquency-Unemployment.jpg (5000×2583)

Boeing order cancellations outpace new sales for sixth straight month as demand continues to fall|twitter&par=sharebar

Gundlach Says Trump Will Win, Calls Harris Too Charismatic – Bloomberg

UBS Tells Rich Clients to Leave Stock Bubbles to Day Traders – Bloomberg

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D5-WPq_W0AA0-hB.jpeg (1398×684)

Justifiable Bullishness Or Is It Willful Blindness? – RIA

Fed-BalanceSheet-080420.png (960×561)

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