Merkel & Macron Signing Treaty to Create a European Army

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by Martin Armstrong

Merkel and Macron, two politicians who cannot muster even a majority of their people for support, signed a Franco-German friendship treaty which has allowed them to boast that this is the first step to creating a European Army. There is a mad rush behind the curtain to create a European Army, not to protect Europe from Putin, but to protect the government in Brussels from the people they rule. They are very much aware that the best way to secure power is to have a foreign army.


In Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, Emperor Justinian faced the same issue as Macron — a rising discontent. The local lack of support from both the police and military of the Emperor embolden the people to rise up. They went as far as to declare a new emperor, Hypatius. Justinian was about to flee the city for his life when his wife stopped him. She pointed to an army outside the city which was not made up of local Greeks. He ordered the army to enter the city to protect him. They slaughtered what we would call today the Yellow Vests, killing some 30,000 protesters.

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This lesson of the Nika Revolt (January 13, 532 AD) is perhaps not openly discussed in public circles, but it is WELL KNOWN behind the curtain. This is why they need a European Army for Greeks would have no problem killing Germans when ordered and Germans would have no problem killing Italians when ordered. The key to maintaining order is always to use police/troops that are NEVER local.

Hopefully, that political ploy will fail before it can really come into play.


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