Mike Maloney – Bond, Stock and Real Estate Markets Are Insane, China, Russia & India Buying Gold

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Precious metals expert Mike Maloney points to what large foreign countries are buying and it gold–lots of it. Maloney explains, says, “Between Russia, China and India, their purchases meet or exceed all worldwide production of gold. Whenever they exceed mining supply, the supply has to come from somewhere, and it’s coming from the West. When the dust settles, the East is going to be very wealthy, and the West is going to be poor.”
In closing, Maloney says that all the money printing and manipulation only pushed off the real crash into the future. Maloney explains, “These things bought us some time, but they made the eventual crash much, much worse. What we are going to see is that 2008 is going to be a speed bump on the way to the main event. 2000 was a stock market crash. 2007 was a real estate and stock market crash. This crash is going to be stocks, real estate and bonds. Bonds have been in a 32 year bull market, and no bull market goes forever. It’s just impossible.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author Mike Maloney of “Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver” and the founder of GoldSilver.com.
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