A Satanic Gang Is Being Protected By Sanctuary Cities, As Americans Are Terrified And Savagely Murdered In The Sanctity Of Their Own Homes.

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by Pamela Williams

As President Trump makes headway in eliminating ISIS, another brutal  gang called MS-13 has raised its ugly head in the “sanctuary cities” of America.  These cities will hide these gangs and offer them a refuge.  A refuge from what?  Among other things, American law enforcement,  President Trump, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Sessions and Trump have made a promise to the American people they will be safe from this Gang’s takeover of American neighborhoods.  Whether the neighborhood is a small town, a city, or a rural area, this El Salvadorian gang helps themselves in preying upon American citizens.  They are the most brutal gang in the world today, and they have gotten across our borders under Obama’s lax immigration policy and loss of border control. They must be dealt with now.
Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly have all recently mentioned the gang by highlighting its dangers and explaining how they will combat the group.  In a Tuesday tweet, Trump blamed the Obama administration’s “weak illegal immigration policies” for MS-13’s increase in size and strength. He also noted that he plans to remove members of the gang “fast.”

Sessions said before a meeting with the Organized Crime Council—a coalition of 13 federal agencies:
Because of an open border and years of lax immigration enforcement, MS-13 has been sending both recruiters and members to regenerate gangs that previously had been decimated, and smuggling members across the border as unaccompanied minors … They are not content to simply ruin the lives of adults—MS-13 recruits in our high schools, our middle schools, and even our elementary schools.To counter the illegal immigration problem, Sessions said the government will build a border wall and recruit more border agents.  “We can devastate this gang. We’re going after them. We are not going to allow them to take over a block, a corner of our communities and terrorize people with this violence,” Sessions said.  “[MS-13 gang members] are not geniuses … they are involved in the kind of activities that can be identified and they can be prosecuted,” he added.
President Trump spoke at his latest campaign rally:
At the heart of my administration’s efforts to restore the rule of law has been a nationwide crackdown on criminal gangs, and that means taking the fight to the sanctuary cities that shield these dangerous criminals from removal. The last very weak administration allowed thousands and thousands of gang members to cross our borders and enter into our communities, where they wreaked havoc on our citizens. The bloodthirsty cartel known as MS-13 has infiltrated our schools, threatening innocent children.
We have seen the horrible assaults and many killings all along Long Island where I grew up. We are seeing the vicious spread of transnational gangs into all 50 states and the human suffering they bring with them. I have been with the parents. It is devastation. A very respected General recently told me that MS-13 are the equivalent in their meanness to Al Qaeda. My administration will not rest until we have dismantled these violent gangs, and we are doing it rapidly, and we are sending them the hell out of our country.
Lets talk about how this gang is funded.
The gang has managed to expand its business tentacles into a variety of illegal activities, despite sanctions levied against the group by the U.S Treasury Department under the Obama administration. “They are involved in multiple crimes including murder, racketeering, drug trafficking, sex trafficking and human trafficking including prostitution,” Holloway said.    
MS-13 also uses violence as a means for extortion, which constitutes much of its income, University of Houston sociology professor Luis Salinas told FOX Business.
“A lot of the violence is part of the extortion … and prostitution. Once they get here they get these individuals and extort money from their families. They’re also into extortion for protection of this neighborhood or that neighborhood,” Salinas said.
In 2015 the U.S. Treasury Department froze the assets of three members of the gang who were funneling funds back to higher-ups in El Salvador from prison. These actions were an attempt “disrupt” MS-13’s financial network by cutting off profits from illegal activities in the United States, the Treasury Department said.
There have been so many horrifying murders committed by this Gang.  They openly admit they are Satan worshippers, and they live to murder, torture, and destroy the peace of humanity.   I am going to list the different murders which stand out in horrifying details.  In doing this, I pray every American who reads this will take a stand against sanctuary cities.  I just discovered that the biggest city from where I live is on the sanctuary city list.  I don’t travel there alone any longer.  If I have no one to accompany me, I just don’t go.
This once used to be a safe city, but since it has gained sanctuary status, it has changed.  The air is one of disruption, loud rumblings on the sidewalks, and one no longer has faith in the city they used to know.  I am longing for the days when this mountain city was one of artists and craftsmen displaying their varied creations in small outposts up and down the sidewalks.  Now, the sidewalks are less traveled by citizens out for a leisurely day of shopping.
Of course, this does not apply to the young people of the city.  They are not apprehensive of the loud talking and rough-housing gang across the street, for they have adjusted to the strangers moving in from other countries.  Their schools are in chaos due to too many students in one classroom.  Teachers are overwhelmed by the time lost that can never be gained again, and although the students are multiplying, the teachers are not.  
The young people are at risk and some are so lost, they are attracted to these gangs.  Little do they know what a membership in MS-13 entails.  One must prove to the gang one is worthy of membership by brutally murdering a random target at hand.  The tools used are shocking and unusual, made to offer the chosen target a long and torturous death.  They may be stabbed to death by a screwdriver, hacked to death by a machete, beaten to death by a ball bat, or face an acid death.  It is all about the dreams of Satan and lives offered to him.
Honestly, I thought ISIS was the most brutal death cult that ever existed, but MS-13 has proven me wrong.
Now, I would like to list some of the victims of MS-13:  REST IN PEACE TO ALL OF THEM.

  1. Kayla Cuevas, 16 – beaten to death.
  2. Nisa Mickens, 15 – beaten to death.
  3. Jose Pena-Hernandez, 18 – MS-13 member killed, because he violated gang rules.
  4. Oscar Acosta, 18 – had been missing.
  5. Garcia-Moran – had been missing.
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The following video describes the Satanic ritual murder of a young girl by MS-13:

8 thoughts on “A Satanic Gang Is Being Protected By Sanctuary Cities, As Americans Are Terrified And Savagely Murdered In The Sanctity Of Their Own Homes.

  1. Have trump really ordered eliminating ISIS ? And i mean real orders and plans, not the one we seen many years now claiming USA bombed ISIS targets but nothing really ever never change .
    Just asking some proof there is such a real plan and action, since i am tired of the BS news articles who claim everything and ISIS still allways seems to survive .

      • Well good them, when we can celebrate the fall of ISIS ? Too bad some of the ISIS moved to Europe as a refugee. I am not againts the real authentic islam actually, ISIS is not reall Islam as far i can understand , being a Christian myself and trying to have some understanding about Islam…
        It seems more that likely that all main religions are infact infiltrated, the sabbateans or something ?
        Make no mistake , the Lord will still win and humans who follow him also.

  2. I sometimes work in our local juvenile detention center. This is REAL! This is the first time I have experienced hispanic gang members far outweighing blacks! They are vicious and very serious! Keeping them separated is quite the task.
    P.S., We’re done!

    • They have the same evil Satanic system that ISIS has. They truly worship the Devil, and they commit murder as a sacrifice to the Devil. We have sociopaths in society who do the same thing, but these gangs are cults who worship the devil period. When someone is involved in Devil worship, and they are committed to it in their spirits as a reason for crime, they cannot be rehabilitated.

  3. We need some strong vigilantes to rise-up in Long Island. Some strong men, to go out each night, shoot one gang member per night which will put the fear of God into them. They will start to look over their shoulder, look at each other and certainly stay off the streets at night, not knowing when that bullet with their name is loosed upon them.

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